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Dear Fishing Friends:

I have been in the fish guiding business for over 30 years and over that time I have received many kind comments from my guests.  I won’t post all 30 years of comments but I thought you may be interested in reading a few from one of the years:

Guest Comments from the 2001 season beginning March 15 and ending October 15:

“Well, this is my 4th trip here and a great trip like always. Randy has an unbelievable feel for the Kalum. Great food & hospitality, Gail. See you next time!” Clay Kangerga, Chico, CA USA – March 19, 2001

“Gail & Noel, I enjoyed this trip so much. The food was tops. Randy is a great fishing guide, and I caught my largest Steelhead. See you in October.” Gary Jordan, Clarkston, MI, USA – March 20, 2001

“Thank you Noel, Gail and Greg for a memorable 2nd visit to NWFG! Last year I faced high water and tough condition but still managed to catch 2 fish (including my monster) on a fly. This year winter arrived on the first day of spring and we persisted against all odds with the fly and hot-shot. With temps in the 20’s – 30’s Fahrenheit we still managed to catch enough beautiful Kalum Steelhead to get us through until next year! Congrats to Mark on his first BC Steelhead…and the many others including a bright doe today. Looking forward to our next trip in the spring (winter?) or early summer. Have a great season NWFG’s.” Robert Tomes & Mark Newhouse, USA – March 23, 2001

“The river was in prime shape and the Steelhead were full of fight!! What more can you ask ? The worst day on the Kalum was better than my best day on a number of other rivers! I’ll be back for that 30-pounder.” Bill Kiser, USA – March 30, 2001

“Dear, Gail and Noel. Thanks for the wonderful food and lodging GREAT STEEHEAD FISHING 30 landed in 5 days fishing the best I’ve ever had, Randy and Greg are top guides.” David Pratt, Santa Clara, USA – Apr. 4, 2001

“Many thanks to Noel, Gail and Greg, Superb fishing on the Kalum River. Steelhead on a fly is a touch of heaven & a 1st for me. Picture taking for Gayle was awesome with the mixed bag of weather & scenery. And talk about great food & hospitality will ya!! Thanks again for a 2nd trip.” Elmer & Gayle Miller, Hamilton, Montana, USA – Apr. 6, 2001

“Had a wonderful time – Elvis!” Brian Sorby, Rocklin, CA, USA – Apr. 7, 2001

“Noel & Gail, thank you so much for the wonderful accommodation & fabulous meals. Well, we hooked into over 20 Steelhead in two days ranging from 10 – 20-pounds. Awesome! Thanks again!” Todd Brouillette, Los Gatos, CA, USA – Apr. 7, 2001

“Gail & Noel: It was so nice to come to my home away from home in Terrace. Again, another wonderful trip – made a bit better by landing my first Steelhead – and followed by 2 more!! Had a great guide – Dustin – learned so much! I now have the confidence for summer Steelhead. Thanks again, see you all in July !!” – Deb Morrow, Elora, Ontario, April 2, 2001

“Gail & Noel – Hospitality in lodging & fishing! Been pursuing the Steelhead on a fly for years…and managed 6/10 first day out. The Kalum is amazing and Randy knows every inch of the 5 mile drift. The secret you have here is special indeed…I look forward to enjoying it with you often in the future…Regards & thanks.” – Jorde Nathan, Highland Park, Ill, USA – April 13, 2001

“Gail, Noel and Randy, Many thanks for fishing, adventure, guiding, wildlife and gastronomic excellence! We had a wonderful time here. Being stubborn fly fishermen we didn’t catch very many Steelhead. The egg-sucking leech will be the new killer fly in our Scandinavian rivers!” Bengt Rundqvist & Enar Hemmings, Sweden – April 24, 2001

“Thanks to all for a GREAT Canadian experience!” Jack, Cath, Jim Jr. Jim Sr. Hole, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – May 13/01

“Thx. for spoiling us!!” Catherine Embree, Alberta, Canada – May 13/01

“Thank you for the hospitality & the awesome fishing experience.” Doug Hole and Marsha Tatterson, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – May 13/01

“Couldn’t ask for a better time. Gail – just like everyone else would say – awesome food. Noel – great guides. Thank you.” Katherine Grabski and Jack Hole – May 13/01

“Thanks again for a wonderful time. Food was great and fishing was relaxing. Caught my largest Salmon. Randy again knows his stuff.” Jack Grimes, Richmond, TX and Jim Grimes, Bellevue, WA – May 21, 2001

“Thanks for a truly wonderful experience, fishing excellent. Food wonderful. Greg knows his stuff. Can’t wait to come back.” John Kendrick, Kent, UK – May 23, 2001

“There’s nothing much more to say – TERRIFIC. See you in Aug. 2002.” Dick Hawes, Herts, UK – May 23, 2001

“Thanks Noel. Fabulous time had by all.” Dean Duke (Group of 8 July 5-8/01) Vancouver, BC Canada July 15, 2001 (comment via e-mail)

“We thank you very much for the nice week, all was excellent. Gail, Noel and Tim did their best. We appreciated very much the cozy atmosphere.” Christel Roosli, Tony Roosli and Max Keist, Switzerland, July 15, 2001

“Hi Noel: we had a great time!” Sheldon Graber group of three (comment via e-mail) Alberta, Canada - July 18, 2001

“Once again had a great week and enjoyed the hospitality of the lodge and Gail’s cooking. Noel and Tim did their best to ensure I caught fish on the fly – which I did after I passed the learning curve! See you next year!” Herb Bachrach, England - July 22, 2001

“Dear Noel & Gail – Second trip – Had a great time. Thanks for everything.” Paul & Denise Payne, California, USA - July 28, 2001

“To Noel & Gail – (and guides) – Thanks for a great time! The food was great & the fishing was outstanding!!” Regards, Chris Gilbert (Duracell Group) – July 26-31/01

“Gail you are the best and thanks for the great food and superb service. Fishing was OK.” Regards, Bruce McGowen, Gillette Group – July 31, 2001

“Superb Fishing, Great food, Wonderful Wine & the company of the Duracell Group was superb. Guides were GREAT.” Dick Waterman – July 31, 2001

“Fishing was great, food superb and guides were excellent. Look forward to the next trip. Thanks for a great holiday.” Dave Rodgers, Gillette Group – July 31, 2001

“Loved every minute of it from the fishing to the hospitality, the guides were fantastic!” Greg Osolinski, Gillette Group – July 31, 2001

“Noel, Gail & Gang: What a fantastic experience. I’d recommend to any of your guest that haven’t tried fly fishing to get one of the boys to show them how. I did and it has changed my life. Thanks for everything.” Allan Melville, Gillette – July 31, 2001

“Gail, Noel & Guides: What a memory for a first time river fisherman! Your hospitality was superb, food great & the fishing/scenery simply outstanding. The guides (Tim, Dustin & Randy) were not only very knowledgeable & helpful but great guys to “hang out” with.” Carl Rocha – July 31, 2001

“Thank you very much. The whole deal was simply unbelievable. Beyond words. Wishing you continued success.” Pat Esaw, Gillette Canada – July 31, 2001

“Thank you very much for an exciting, unbelievable fishing catch. The food and friendly accommodations were outstanding. The fish size were the largest I’ve ever seen/caught. The fish were so plentiful every line brought in big fish. The guides were super. I know you will have many returns and many referrals with the excellent superb quality both in fishing and accommodation." The Duracell Group of nine Anglers - July 31, 2001

"We were able to again get 4 TV shows done in 3 ½ days…awesome! Looking forward to coming back next year! God bless you all.” Barb and Italo Labignan, The Canadian Sportfishing Show – August 1, 2001

“This being my 4th time here has been another wonderful experience – 69 lb Chinook plus a bunch of other fish – not to mention Gail’s deserts keeps us coming back. Thanks A LOT!” Jim Westman, Canadian Sportfishing, Ontario, Canada – August 1, 2001

“A 25 lb Silver Steelie, watching my friend land a 70 lb Chinook & working with Italo on 4 great TV shows has made our trip here the best in my career. Thank you! PS it’s not the crew it’s Jim & Tony we are family!!!” Tony Brecknock, CS Productions – August 1, 2001

“Gail & Noel. Thank you so much for all your kindness. The food was great. Gary appreciates all your e-mails Noel & this is a trip of a lifetime for him. Thanks again we really did enjoy every minute of it.” Erin, Sara, Gary, Ireland – August 2, 2001

“Thank you so much for the kindness and for the amazing fishing. I would recommend you to anyone! Hope to see you again soon.” Gary Cobbe, Ireland – August 2, 2001

“DRY FLY STEELHEAD on the Copper. World class fishery, River and Guides. Had a great time and once again did the grand slam: Steelhead, Coho, Chinook, Chum, Sockeye and Pinks. If you’re a fly fisher this is the right time of the year. Thanks.” Gary Bartholomew, Ontario, Canada – August 12, 2001

“! Copper River Steelhead – the best fly river I’ve fished plus hooked a Chinook (BIG) a great river to drift. Skeena Sockeye – TOO much FUN! Thanks for a great trip.” Deb Morrow, Ontario, Canada – August 12, 2001

Note from Noel: We had four first time guests from Italy that wrote comments in the guest book in their own language and I could not have them translated in time for this report. Next week for sure! Thanks.

“To Gail, Noel and Eddy: I have been here five times in my lifetime and came back because of a great time with all from the lodge and a fine – fine fishing time – not fishing stories. THE TRUE STORY!” Gunnar Larsen from Denmark – Aug. 19/01

“Thank you for some good days – and good food. Best wishes.” Berti Pederson, Denmark – Aug. 19/01

“Gail & Noel, Thank you very much. Courtesy and excellent hospitality. In this house we found ourselves in good hands. We feel bad (sorry) we could not communicate in your language. We hope to see you again. Thank you. We wish you the best in your work. Lots of Luck. Ciao!” Filippi Fulvio group, Italy – Aug. 14/01

“I will cherish memories of Steelhead caught (large), and Steelhead lost (even larger of course!) on my fly-rod. Fine food and superior guiding from Tim and Sky capped off a remarkable week.” Simon Chapman, Toronto, Ontario – Aug. 24/01

“To Noel, Gail & Greg: Thanks for a great third trip. The Steelhead on a waking dry fly on the Copper R. was my highlite. For Gayle, bears and wolves on the Kasiks R. were hers. What an exciting place to be! Now it’s back to reality to work off the good food & plan the next trip. See you next year and many thanks again.” Elmer & Gayle J. Miller, Hamilton, MT, USA – Sept. 8/01

“To Noel, Gail and Randy: Like the last 6 years everything was just great. We landed over 120 fish. Great hospitality, see you next year. Thank you.” Guy and Astrid Gangl, Luxembourg – Sept. 9/01

“Dear Gail & Noel: Tuesday’s events back home marred an otherwise enjoyable return to Terrace. You guys were super in helping me cope with the travel situation. Many thanks for your warm hospitality. Ron Melton PS:- Also thanks to Greg – we caught fish in 4 rivers including my first Steelhead on a Fly! ” Ron Melton, ID, USA - Sept. 13, 2001

“ Noel & Gail: Thank you for a wonderful trip. Caught the largest Steelhead of my life (so far). Randy knows his business and is a superb guide. Looking forward to coming back. Take care.” Chris Mead, ID, USA – Sept. 23/01

“Noel & Gail: Once again had a wonderful stay at the lodge. The fishing gets better every trip. First time fishing on the Copper and caught Steelhead. Gail’s cooking again was out of this world. Finally, what can I say about our Randy, again his guiding was superb and knew exactly where to go to catch the fish. I am now planning my next trip to the lodge hopefully next July.” Brian (Barney) Rice, Scotland, UK – Sept. 23/01

“Noel & Gail: Thanks for a great time, short but sweet first time here, first day fishing, first Coho on a fly, what a beautiful place, what a beautiful fish. Randy was a superb guide and we found a hole that everybody else was looking for! I tied a fly I will call “clouser mutant” (sp ?) second cast produced a great big attack from a Coho. The fly is not conducive to an elegant cast, but next time it will make jigs and spoons look singularly unproductive.” Graeme Thom, originally from South Africa via USA – Sept. 26/2001

“We arrived this place when all rivers were “out of shape”. But very professional guiding helped us, to catch so many fish. Many thanks for this to Noel and Greg. And the hardest rains of British Columbia can’t make you cry, when you stay before in Gail’s ???! Thank you for all – we will be back for 3rd time.” Hans & Ulrich from Germany – Sept. 22, 2001

“To Noel! Thank you for providing us with the best guides we have met.” Lennart Bergqvist, Sweden – Sept. 28/01 Note from Noel to Lennart: thank you for giving us a copy of your beautiful book titled “Salmon Flies - My way”. Very impressive!

“Arrived on the 25th Sept. and leave tomorrow. Fished Lakelse Lake for Pinks, the Skeena R., the Copper, the Kitimat R. and other R. whose names escape me. Dry flies waked down stream most effective but wets also worked on Steelhead. The fishing is the excuse not the reason for being in this rich & vibrant land . The lodge hospitality superb.” David Imber, Brisbane, New Zealand – October. 2, 2001

“Had a good time fishing the Copper & the Kalum. First time back for John Sr. since 1963. Terrace is quite a change from the one street town it used to be – how time flies! Fishing was active – hardly anybody on the Kalum – lots in every pool on the Copper. We will return!” John Reed, Fredericton, NB Canada/John Reed 3rd, Vancouver, BC – October 4, 2001

“Many thanks to everyone at the lodge, it was one of the best weeks of fishing I’ve ever had, lots of Steelhead in the Copper.” Charles Lombardi, San Francisco, CA, USA – October 11, 2001

“Third consecutive year and third opportunity to enjoy Gail’s food and Randy’s guiding. Mastering a little more each river and getting new experiences each day. Many thanks and see you in 2002.” Jose Benito, Spain – October 13, 2001

“I enjoyed my first stay here very much fishing my first Steelhead and Coho.” Alberto Benito, Spain – October 13, 2001

“I fish for a living. I know what makes a great trip. Everything about this lodge and the fishing, was just great. The food, the guides, and the fishing…is the very best anyone could hope for. We will be back. Thanks for everything, this place is too beautiful for words.” Capt. Rick Mager, Key West FL USA – October 14, 2001

“Hi, Food was great, fishing was great, the house was great, and my cold is great too. Busted my $400 (US dollar) fly rod within the first hour of the trip, fell in the river 9:00 AM soaking the hell out of everything and throwing my body into shock for the rest of the day. Kicked my brother’s $400 fly rod getting out of the boat snapping it in half…also caught the most fish ever. See ya next year. Thank you.” Lloyd Mager, Key West FL USA – October 14, 2001

Note from Noel: the third guests comments, Juan Esteban from Spain, are in Spanish and I will post them later when I have had a chance to have them translated.

“Arrived 4 days ago for only 3 days of fishing, boy how time flies when your having fun. First time at the lodge and I didn’t know what to expect. The food was great, all the guides were great and so was the fishing. I will return for sure, see you guys next time.” Rich Elsdon, Guelph, Ontario, Canada – October 15, 2001

“First time to this area. What beauty! Mountains, Bald Eagles, Seals and we saw four Black Bears in one day. Not to mention the fish were just amazing to see. Caught the biggest Steelhead of my life, a whopping 25-pounds! The hospitality was top notch. Gail & Noel sure know how to take care of you. Next time we will come for more than just three days. See ya soon.” Claudio Dilello, Guelph, Ontario, Canada – October 15, 2001

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